Amarillo Mayor concerned with economic impact from "pink slime"

Amarillo Mayor concerned with economic impact from "pink slime"

Amarillo, TX - Governor Rick Perry spoke with local representatives about the economic impact this closing could have on our region.

This will put a strain on our packing and cattle industry.

BPI is among other meat producers that are suffering from the recent "pink slime" controversy.

That's why this morning Governor Perry discussed the extent of the situation with Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole in hopes of helping ease the concerns of consumers.

They want people to know the truth about lean finely textured beef and realize it is safe for consumption and does not pose a risk to their health.

It's not only two-hundred jobs locally that will be lost, Mayor Harpole says there are a whole range of effects this could have.

"One of the estimates is that it would take 1.5 million more cattle on the market and you don't do that quickly, it has to be created with time and costs and other things to get that many more cattle into the system. So it will have a huge affect on many industries if this really holds," says Mayor Paul Harpole, City of Amarillo.

That is just one of the many effects this could have.

The mayor and governor hope Beef Products Incorporated can get their customer base back and re-open their plant of over thirty years.

As of right now, Governor Perry does not have plans of visiting our area.