Local child abuse trends

Amarillo, TX - Child abuse in the Texas panhandle is said to be on the decline but is still much higher than the state level.

Locally, confirmed cases of child abuse have dropped around ten percent. To raise more awareness about child abuse, Amarillo College hosted a child abuse prevention conference. More than 1,800 cases were reported in the Texas panhandle last year.

"If we look at a statewide average, we look at about 9.9 children per thousand that are abused, confirmed abuse cases," Panhandle Child Abuse Commission committee member, Donald Nicholson, said.

Experts say the age group most vulnerable to child abuse is zero to three-years-old, when children are most dependent on parents and least able to defend themselves. What also may come as a surprise is, typically, mothers ages 26 to 35-years-old are the most likely to blame for the abuse. Often times, it is due to a lack of education when it comes to proper parenting.

If you have witnessed or suspected child abuse, you can report it by calling 806-354-5307 or click on the link attached.