Relative: JetBlue co-pilot doesn't think he's hero

Relative: JetBlue co-pilot doesn't think he's hero
Associated Press

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - A relative of the co-pilot who landed a flight while passengers held down the captain says he doesn't want to be considered a hero.

The mother-in-law of JetBlue Airways co-pilot Jason Dowd tells The Associated Press she's not surprised he acted cool under pressure.

Ruth Ann Kostal says he hasn't been able to come home yet because he's still being interviewed by federal authorities in New York.

Federal prosecutors say Capt. Clayton Osbon's behavior grew increasingly erratic during Flight 191 from New York on Tuesday. Investigators say Osbon rambled to Dowd about religion and was later wrestled down by passengers in the cabin.

The plane then made an emergency landing in Texas.

Dowd is an Ohio native who still lives in his hometown of Salem.