Society continues to see more cases of PTSD

Society continues to see more cases of PTSD

Amarillo, TX - It has not been confirmed, but there are some reports that Jetblue Captain Osbon was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It is the latest in a string of outbursts being linked to PTSD. With a recent shooting in Afghanistan claiming several innocent lives and more troops returning home from the War Against Terrorism, it is important to recognize PTSD's warning signs.

PTSD usually results from some kind of life threatening, traumatic event. Military officials say it effects everyone differently but say the more times soldiers are deployed, the greater the chances are of them developing the disorder.

The Amarillo Vet Center says it tries to reach out to local veterans to offer more help.

"They have a pre-deployment interview, they have a post deployment interview when they get back..." The center's team leader, Pete Garcia, said. "They are monitored all the way through."

Marine veteran, Andrew Hyman, agrees they do a good job with tending to veterans.

"You can stay in the military with PTSD and people will facilitate to you," Hyman said.

Experts say anyone suffering from PTSD is more prone to acting out and the earlier the problem is treated, the easier it may be to keep under control. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting help, you can contact your local veterans center.