Passengers speak out about emergency landing in Amarillo

Passengers speak out about emergency landing in Amarillo
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez

Amarillo, TX - The emergency landing of a plane in Amarillo is being investigated by the federal government, after passengers say the captain started acting erratically.

Jet Blue flight 191 was headed to Las Vegas from New York, when it had to make an emergency landing.

David Gonzalez, who was sitting in the second row of the plane says he was concerned when he saw the pilot acting in a strange way.

"We seen the captain or the pilot, storm from the back of the plane to the front and was trying to break the cockpit door," Gonzalez said.

Passengers say after a while a flight attendant came over the speaker asking them to help restrain the captain.

Some of the passengers were actually headed to Las Vegas for a security conference, so Gonzalez says they knew how to react.

"My first reaction was to get him to the floor. Strap him up. Tie him up and then let's land this plane," added Gonzalez.

The passengers who helped subdue the captain say they were thinking of the safety of all 130 passengers, so they held him down for nearly forty minutes until the plane was able to land safely.

"We were still holding him until the cops actually put real handcuffs on him, because we just didn't want to let him go. Nobody was going to let him go until we knew he had handcuffs on. Then finally they got him and took him out," said Jeffrey Diaz, a passenger.

Jet Blue has released a statement saying the captain had a medical situation and was being treated at a local facility.

The FBI is investigating to see if the captain violated any federal laws.