FTC pushes for consumer privacy laws

Amarillo, TX - The Federal Trade Commission is pressuring congress to take more action when it comes to our private information. In a world of smart phones, gaining access to personal information is becoming easier and easier.

Now, the FTC is calling on Congress and technology companies to put more rules into place when it comes to consumers' private information.

Many cell phone companies and internet companies, like Facebook and Google, are being criticized from users and legislators for the amount of personal data they collect. Many times, the information is often gathered through smart phone applications.

"Whenever you're going to design an application... you can actually access certain information on the phone, address book, contacts, things like that." Westgate Computers technician, Cody Crespin, said. "You'll download an application... sometimes they have, in fine print, something that allows them to access your contacts or address book."

It is the latest step in the push for user privacy. Around the end of last month, the Obama administration released a proposal for what is, in a sense, a "consumer" bill of rights for consumer privacy.