Cinnamon challenge raising concerns

Cinnamon challenge raising concerns

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- A growing trend among teens is concerning parents and health officials, as teens are reaching for a household item as part of a dare.

The cinnamon challenge has been around for many years, but because of the internet, it is once again growing in popularity; leaving some health officials warning parents to keep an eye on their spice cabinet.

There are thousands of videos being posted to YouTube right now of teens eating a teaspoon full of cinnamon without water.

Many of the videos end with the person coughing, sometimes to the point of throwing up.

Health officials are concerned what teens may think is a fun dare, could end up costing them their life.

"There have been deaths in children who have tried it who get it into their lungs. Even if it doesn't cause an immediate problem other than the coughing, it can cause long term scarring in the lungs so this is something you do it once and it can cause problems for the rest of their lives," said Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo with the Panhandle Poison Control Center.

The immediate problem of ingesting the cinnamon, is that your airways can close and lungs may collapse.