Baby products go unregulated: Could your child be in danger?

Baby products go unregulated: Could your child be in danger?

AMARILLO, Texas- Many parents assume most baby products such as strollers and cradles are regulated to meet certain safety standards before hitting the market.

As we found out, there are a handful of items the Consumer Product Safety Commission never lays an eye on, meaning your child may be at risk.

Several products fly under the radar until they are recalled simply because they never undergo regulation testing by the CPSC.

Kaki Clifton has a 15-month old daughter and knows first-hand the importance of safety when it comes to shopping for her little girl.

"I definitely go by what my friends have used and what their experiences are as going online and looking at reviews to see if they are positive or negative," Clifton said.

However, sometimes research doesn't equal safety.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission acts as the "big" watchdog when it comes to regulations.

The following products have standards set forth by the CPSC:


-Bath seats


-Toddler beds

-Bed Rails

Items not regulated by the CPSC include:

-Play yards


-Infant carriers


"Those are things people are using daily with children so you would think you would have some kind of accountability there," she said.

Should you have a safety concern about any product you have recently purchased, you can call the Consumer Product Safety Commission at 1-800-638-2772.

You can also visit them on the web at