Lower electric bills

Lower electric bills

Amarillo, TX - Your Xcel Energy bill will be a little cheaper beginning in April. It's all thanks to the lower value of natural gas in the market right now. And since a monthly bill includes both energy charges and fuel costs, Xcel energy Representative, Wes Reeves, says they are lowering the fuel costs for you as well.

Reeves says they gained approval to do so from the Public Utility Commission. He says, "We're seeing a lot lower natural gas prices than we were a year ago so we're able to revise that fuel cost down quite a bit actually. So it has some impact on the bill."

He also says the cost of natural gas is at a low point and is not expected to rise anytime soon. You should notice a difference of about four dollars in your next bill, per thousand kilowatt hour you consume, which is what an average Texas home uses.

Reeves says some other contributing factors to the reduction in cost include efficient power plants and transmission lines, which are tapping into other sources of power with cheaper generation.

And in case of future price increases, they plan on using wind power as well as building more efficient power plants.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.