Canyon officials looking to make city streets safer

Canyon officials looking to make city streets safer

Canyon, TX - Banning texting while driving is becoming a hot topic in Canyon as city officials look to make their streets safer.

The Canyon City Manager and Chief of Police are discussing the possibility of a texting while driving ban.

But the city commission believes just banning texting wouldn't be enough.

They say there are other distractions drivers face while on the roads.

For now, city officials are working to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving and hoping it will make residents think twice now, and later if an ordinance is passed.

"It's going to be very difficult, I admit that it will be very difficult to enforce this. What we are hoping is that in the event that a texting ban in Canyon takes place, we are hoping that we will have voluntary compliance because people want to follow the law," said Chief Dale Davis.

If an ordinance is made, Chief Davis says offenders will have to pay a fine for texting within city limits.