Technology aims to crack down on predators preying on school children

Technology aims to crack down on predators preying on school children

BORGER, TX - A valuable, yet expensive device called "Raptor" is designed to keep children safe by alerting faculty members when a potentially dangerous person visits your child's school.

As one area district is about to install the system, we wanted to find out just how common these machines are across Panhandle schools.

The technology Borger ISD plans to install has been around for nearly a decade but it's not as common as you may think because the cost may simply be too much for many districts.

The Raptor system has been a much appreciated resource to law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Lorenzo Boykin from Virginia,a convicted rapist who failed to register as a sex offender in Virginia found that out quickly.

When he entered a school to allegedly bring lunch money to his nephew, faculty used the system to scan his licence.

When staff learned about Boykin's warrant for failing to register as a sex offender, they called police who then arrested him.

"I've had a positive experience using this system in the past," Borger ISD Superintendent Chance Welch said. "It's a system that allows schools to create visitor badges, track the number of hours someone spends inside a school and check visitors against a national sexual offender data base.

Borger ISD says they invested in six of these machines, each costing around $1,500.

Bushland and Canyon ISD also have this technology in their districts.

However, Amarillo ISD tells NewsChannel 10 they have a similar program, but only in certain elementary schools right now.

We're told about half of all Texas schools have this system in place.

Borger ISD plans to install the machines April 1.