Potential cuts could impact food assistance programs

Potential cuts could impact food assistance programs

Amarillo, TX - There are concerns local food assistance programs may face major cuts, meaning some may lose their benefits.

Food stamps make up nearly 75% of the United States' farm bill spending and now there is talk those programs could face billions of dollars worth of cuts.

Those cuts would not only directly impact people who receive the benefits but it could also end up hurting food banks at a time when donations are already down.

"If the cuts are in place go forward, you are seeing about a fifty dollar per month on average reduction in benefits by 2013-2014 if everything is in place," said Zack Wilson with the High Plains Food Bank.

We also spoke with U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry and he says cuts need to be made when it comes to some of the benefits of the farm bill to help balance the nation's budget.

The current farm bill will expire in September, but there is the option to extend it for one more year.