Caller ID spoofers going after bank account information

Caller ID spoofers going after bank account information

Amarillo, TX- The number calling your phone may not be who it says it is and could lead you to fall victim to a new scam.

Scammers are now gaining access to your checking and savings accounts by using technology such as smart phone applications, called caller ID spoofing, making you believe the number calling you is someone at your bank, when it is not.

When you are spoofed, a number will appear on your phone, either through a text message or phone call, asking for your personal information that they will then use to gain access to your bank account.

"When you call them at that number, it contacts them, wherever they may be, it's not your bank and then they start asking you security questions," said Andrew Brandt at cat-man-du in Amarillo.

Once you answer those questions, Brandt says the scammer can then call your bank acting as you, give them the information they just gained and transfer or withdraw cash from your account.

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you know how your bank usually contacts you and what information they ask for.

If you suspect something out of the ordinary, hang up and call your bank.