FDA considers removing BPA from food packaging

FDA considers removing BPA from food packaging

Amarillo, TX - You can find it in almost every U.S. home, bisphenol-A, also known as BPA. The chemical works to strengthen plastics and is commonly used in food storage containers and canned foods.

"In the United States, you're likely not going to be able to completely eliminate it from your diet," Ronica Farrar with the Texas Panhandle Poison Center said.

Now, the U.S. is considering taking BPA out of food packaging because of health risks linked to it.

"Their have been studies done that show BPA has been linked to numerous cancers, including prostate cancer, and also reproductive problems." Farrar said.

Research shows BPA is so prevalent, traces of it show up in more than 50 percent of Americans. A recent study has revealed some shocking findings.

"There was a Harvard study done that compared people eating canned soup to people that were eating fresh soup and after just five days the people eating canned soup had a thousand percent increase in BPA in their urine." Farrar said.

Some of BPA's most vulnerable victims are infants. In the United States, BPA is commonly used in baby bottles.

"If you have young children or infants at home, you really want to pay attention to baby bottles, making sure that you're getting BPA free baby bottles and containers," Farrar said. " It is linked to problems with fetal brain development so you may want to do your best to limit BPA exposure to infants."

In Europe, French lawmakers have already banned BPA from all food packaging. By April 1st, the Food and Drug Administration will decide if it wants to do the same.