Boosting self confidence in our area

Amarillo, TX - Millions of people nationwide have low self-esteem, a local non-profit organization is trying to help change that.

The Texas Academy of Performing Arts in Amarillo is stressing the importance of self confidence.

It's a problem that people of all ages, shapes, and sizes struggle to deal with.

That's why TAPA is having fashion shows to teach the community that showing off your talents and believing in yourself can help shape and mold you into a stronger person.

In a society where self-esteem is threatened every day, having a way to express yourself can be life-changing.

"It brings out their personality and it lets them feel good about something that they can do and do well," says Carol Henderson, TAPA.

This month there will be a show held at each of the Walmart locations in Amarillo.

TAPA hopes many people in our community will take part.

"We want little kids, grown people, elderly, a lot of mother daughter, and we've even had grandmother, mother, daughter do it and sons, men and women," says Carol Henderson, TAPA.

Participants get to choose what they wear and are given a 15-percent discount on those items.

"They will get some training; be shown how to stand, how to walk. They'll practice a little bit and all of this is done at Walmart in the back. So they will go out knowing what to do and they'll have instructions they'll take home," says Carol Henderson, TAPA.

They are also shown how to present themselves to the public and in social settings.

"Every time you can face your fears in life, of any kind, it makes you a better person.

Tickets to participate in the show are ten dollars and a big portion of the sales goes to March of Dimes.

"Every donation, every person that's involved makes an actual tangible difference and so we really appreciate everything that's done for the March of Dimes," says Drew Perkins, March of Dimes.

For those who are interested, the first training session is this Tuesday and then the first show will be held on Saturday at the Grand Street location.