Visitors find more trash at city parks

Visitors find more trash at city parks

Amarillo, TX - With an increase in visitors to local public parks comes an increase in garbage being left behind.

Thompson Park is one area park where visitors have noticed trash accumulating. With it being Spring break and what feels like Spring weather, more people are spending time outdoors and are sometimes leaving more trash behind.

Beer bottles, broken glass and syringes are a few of the things park visitors are noticing and it is raising some concerns.

"This is a place where children should be able to play and you don't want to be on your kids every second, you know? And be watchful of everything... but you have to in situations like this, "park visitor, Barbara Williams, said.

The city of Amarillo says it spends more than 300 hours a week tending to more than 60 parks in the area. City officials say they are trying their best to manage the problem and also plan to install 90 new trash cans in local parks next month.