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Mayor's anti-Obama rant prompts official to resign

CLOVIS, N.M.  - An official in Clovis has resigned because of comments the new mayor made about President Barack Obama.

Planning and Zoning Commission member Brett "Bud" DaBell says he believes the beliefs of Mayor David Lansford will ultimately hurt the city. The Clovis News Journal reports that DaBell said he may help organize a recall of Lunsford, who was elected March 6.

Lunsford called Barack Obama an illegitimate president and "the carnal manifestation of evil."

DaBell is a Clovis real estate broker. He wrote in his resignation letter Wednesday that he thinks anyone who believes Lunsford's views won't hurt the city is 'naïve."

He says he doesn't have a giant agenda, just "totally disagrees" with Lunsford's views.

Information from: Clovis News Journal

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