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Overhaul could make jail's problems a thing of the past

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Clovis, New Mexico - There are a lot of changes at the Curry County Detention Center, a new jail administrator, new staff members, and new security procedures.

Next on the list are some major structural changes, that will round out the effort to make the jail's problems a thing of the past.

It's a major overhaul for the Curry County Detention Center, one that will beef up security and give the place a facelift.

Jail Administrator Gerry Billy says, "We'll be able to create a special housing unit that will enable us to classify prisoners, unlike we are able to do now. We'll have a disciplinary custody, a protective custody, mental health unit, classification, and orientation."

Separating prisoners like this, will help to cut back on a lot of the jail's current problems.

Billy explains, "We'll take some of those problematic inmates that need isolation or separation and we'll have a defined area for them."

The plans also include new kitchen and laundry facilities, and a drug and alcohol treatment unit.

They're all changes many county officials feel are long overdue.

Curry County commissioner chairman Wendell Bostwick explains, "Periodically you have to update and remodel. Curry County is over 20 years old. The kitchen facility is over 20 years old."

But the renovations can't happen without the approval of Curry County residents.

That's because the $9 million needed for the project are generated through a bond renewal.

Bostwick says, "We will pay less interest on it, than what we did the first 20 years, and it will not be a tax increase. It will be an extension of the taxes they are currently paying."

It's beneficial to everyone who lives in the area, since 90% of the jail's population will return to this community when released.

Curry County residents will head to the polls April 3rd for a special yes-or-no vote on the issue.

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