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Top ten water users look for ways to conserve

Amarillo, TX- Water conservation is on the top of everyone's minds as temperatures begin to warm up and now city officials and Amarillo business leaders gathered to talk about consumption.

The top ten water consumers in the Amarillo area got together to talk about changes they are already making and plan on making to ensure there is sufficient water if the drought continues.

Some of the top ten consumers include Tyson, Baptist Saint Anthony's Hospital, and X-cel Energy.

Emmett Autrey, with the city of Amarillo says 2011 was a tough year when it came to water conservation, but luckily these businesses are willing to cut back on usage to ensure there is water for the future.

"Most of these folks didn't need a whole lot of encouragement because water is one of their cost issues, as part of their bottom land, and they are always trying to find ways to increase that profit margin a little bit, by cutting back on any kind of waste, including water," said Autrey.

Autrey says more than fifty percent of the water used in the area is for landscaping.

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