Hit-and-run prompts residents to declare street unsafe

Hit-and-run prompts residents to declare street unsafe

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Amarillo, Texas - 10-year-old Deania Esparza was struck by a car last night when she was riding her bike along Pittsburg Street, an accident that sent her to the hospital in life-threatening condition.

It's the second time in ten months, a child has been hit by a car on this street. Now the parents living there, are living in fear.

Jill Graves says, "I'm afraid to let my daughter even come out here and play in the front yard."

For the kids whose playmate was badly hurt just last night, the fear isn't escaping them either.

Graves says, "My daughter is scared to death. She's petrified. We were going to come outside and play today with colored chalk and she said mom, I don't want to play outside today."

That's because the people on Pittsburg Street say this road is unsafe.

Graves explains, "Between 3rd and 10th there's no stop signs, no yield signs, no dips, no speed bumps on Pittsburg, so people just come flying down this street."

Leo Mendoza adds, "Usually they come from this end, just racing down the street."

We saw it first-hand today, when we spent some time on Pittsburg with a radar gun, clocking speeds.

While some people were going the speed limit, the majority were going between 35 and 50. We even got one going 62 miles an hour.

Which is why this neighborhood is calling for a change. They want the city to do something about it, and fast, before more children get hurt.

Graves questions, "How many children is it going to take to get hurt or killed?"

Mendoza says, "I'm thinking they should at least put a couple of yield signs or a couple of stop signs on the corners of the blocks because people driving by, pretty much do not care about the kids playing on the street."

We talked with the city's traffic department about the issue, and they say they are looking into it.

Police need your help finding the driver responsible for the hit-and-run accident.

They describe the vehicle as a red four-door sedan with faded red paint.

If you have any information call 378-4250.