Need for more boy scouts funding

Need for more boy scouts funding

Amarillo, TX - The number of Boy Scouts in the panhandle continues to grow. Local troops are up sixty percent. And as membership grows, so does the need for more funding.

Their mission is to serve the community, but our Boy Scouts could use a little help themselves. More than one-thousand boys across the panhandle region became Scouts last year. As the Golden Spread Council gears up for their spring and summer activities, it could use more assistance with funding.

"It costs us about $250 a year to operate for every boy who's in Scouting, so if we've increased the number 60-percent," Golden Spread Council Executive Scout, Andy Price, said.  "... it increases the expenses we have to maintain our camps and to put our programs together. For the kids, things like bows and arrows, BB guns, food at our camp."

The Golden Spread Council tells us the number of Scouts attending camp was up 20 percent for the summer and nearly 40 percent for the fall last year, and it expects those numbers will grow.

Last year, the council also spent around $35,000 helping struggling families pay their memberships and other expenses.