Area Girl Scouts celebrate 100th anniversary

Area Girl Scouts celebrate 100th anniversary

Amarillo, TX - Girls Scouts of all ages are celebrating a milestone, the 100th anniversary.

On this special day alumnae from all over gathered, some who have generations of girl scouts in their family and coincidentally a former scout leader who is turning 100 in June.

Memories, traditions, skill sets all shared among generations of Girl Scouts in celebration of their 100th anniversary.

"I think it's wonderful training for the girls and everything. The way they work together and they always have so much fun,"says Phyllis Nicholl, Girl Scout Leader 1951-1962.

Since 1951 Phyllis Nicholl has been involved with the Girl Scouts.

This anniversary is even closer to her heart since she's also turning 100 this year.

Phyllis said everyone should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout leader.

It was a wonderful experience and she got as much out of it as the girls did.

Others have had generations of Girl Scouts running in their family for decades.

"I think it's helped my daughter and my granddaughter to become the citizens that they are and it makes you more aware of your country and your community and your pride in your community. I think it teaches you to be active and not just sit back and watch what everybody else is doing but get out there and sell Girl Scout cookies, and have fun," says Carol Simpson, Girl Scout Alumnae.

"My mother was a Girl Scout in 1921, first troop in Amarillo and then I have daughters and granddaughters that were Girl Scouts," says Martha Ruth Moreland, Girl Scout Alumnae.

The Girl Scouts has grown over the years, offering more opportunities.

"Girls can learn nuclear science, they can learn anything they're big enough to. It's a new world," says Martha Ruth Moreland, Girl Scout Alumnae.

"Yet they're holding on to the traditions and values of the old world. At this 100th birthday we have all these tables with all these pictures that some of them are seventy and eighty years old," says Carol Simpson, Girl Scout Alumnae.

It's helped form long-lasting friendships.

"She's the one that got me here today because she's my best friend and has been since we were about in the third or fourth grade," says Carol Simpson, Girl Scout Alumnae.

With so many diverse Girl Scouts across the country, they all can agree on one thing.

"Once a Girl Scout, always a Girls Scout," says Martha Ruth Moreland, Girl Scout Alumnae.

Tomorrow the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains is having an event called Stand Up and Be Counted.

It will be held at the Westgate Mall center court at 7:00pm.

At precisely 7:12pm, Girl Scouts will simultaneously Stand and Be Counted as they plan to re-new their commitment to the Girl Scout promise and law.