New grocery store hopes to team up with non-profits

Amarillo, TX - A new one-of-its-kind grocery store is teaming up with local non-profits to try and give back to the community.

The Amarillo Grocery Pick-Up and Delivery just opened its doors Thursday. It is making shopping for groceries easier. Customers can go online and buy their groceries with the click of a mouse. It also wants to try and pump some more money back into the community by forming partnerships with local non-profits.

Once they do, the online grocery store will cut them a check of two percent of whatever its members buy that month.

"Whatever they buy, if they buy from us, then that organization will get an automatic donation from our group very month from now on." Dave Nichols with Amarillo Grocery & Pick-up said.

The grocery store will also deliver your groceries to anyone living in Amarillo for less than fifteen dollars and gets its groceries from local suppliers.