Women in our area being recognized for their achievements

Amarillo, TX - On International Women's Day, our area is recognizing the achievements women have made throughout the years.

Celebrations of this day range from appreciation to equal rights to women in the workforce.

Women are being praised for making a difference in the face of adversity and hardships.

In our area, there are now nearly 400 chamber membership businesses owned by women, a significant increase over years past.

The Amarillo's Women's Council continues to help women overcome their struggles in order to get an education and find work.

"We've come a long way as far as having equality in the workplace and having more women in positions of power and more women in positions of being the boss in businesses. They're not just the secretaries anymore or the administrative assistant. There are a lot of women in power roles," says Penni Bentley, Women's Council, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce.

The League of Women Voters say it was a long struggle to get the right to vote in 1920 and that was a major breakthrough.

Since then, our area has seen an increase in women voters but we're told that Texas remains low in the number of people voting.

The organization hopes more young women will voice their opinion by voting in this year's election.