Younger children facing serious dental problems

Amarillo, TX - More toddlers are facing an increase in dental decay and cavities.

Once a child gets their first tooth they are at risk of having dental problems, if they are not taken care of properly.

This can lead to an increase in cavities and even increase the root canals done in younger children.

Amarillo Children's Dentistry says they have seen several toddlers come into their office with cavities and some of the kids even have decay on all twenty of their teeth.

In some cases the decay is so bad, dentist are forced to take out their baby teeth.

"It varies, it can be from small cavities, to abscessed teeth, where they lose function of that tooth and have to have it removed. It can be, you know, just very badly decayed into the nerve," said Lucretia Hayes, a registered dental hygienist.

In most cases the decay and tooth problems are stemming from a poor diet, skipping dentist appointments, not brushing their teeth or flossing.

We're told children will be more likely to want to take care of their teeth if the parents set a good example.