Pampa animal shelter problems continue

AMARILLO, Texas---The sanitation process to kill the adenovirus at the Pampa Animal Shelter continues this week.

Since Friday, the Pampa Animal Shelter has been trying their best to kill the virus that was causing many dogs at the center to become all and eventually die.

And what's even worse, we're told there's a lengthy list of more problems the facility is now dealing with.

"We don't have any kind of air circulation and no isolation areas for the dogs so they are all jammed in together so if one is sick, they come in and infect everyone else," Faustina Curry with the Pampa Animal Welfare Society said.

That's what the volunteer organization says was to blame regarding the adenovirus we first told residents about two weeks ago.

The problem stirred up a lot of concern when the shelter announced its solution which involved a complete sanitation process of the facility, meaning all dogs, including the healthy ones would either have to be adopted out or euthanized.

About a dozen dogs found homes while a handful of others unfortunately didn't.

Volunteers are calling this a tragedy.

"I've never seen anything like this before," volunteer Kay Smith said. "This has been probably the hardest thing I know I and most of the volunteers have been through and it's been very traumatic for all of us."

The shelter is killing the virus through a profession and expensive steaming process.

Shelter volunteers say it will take more than that to keep the new animals healthy there.

"A lot of people might as why we need a new shelter but if you come down and see the devastation this disease has done to the animals here, you would understand," Curry said.

Come May, Pampa city commissioners will allow residents to vote whether to approve construction for a new shelter.

"We shouldn't want places that are falling down and dilapidated and asking people to work in those places with all these illnesses," Curry said.

We're told the estimated cost for a new shelter will run about $3 million.