Natural gas-run vehicles to hit the market, save consumers money

Amarillo, TX - As gas prices continue to rise, some major automakers are homing to offset that, by moving into the natural gas market.

Chrysler and GM are announcing they will start production on several automobiles which run on natural gas, including three-quarter ton trucks as we as 6-liter V-8s.

Natural gas prices have dropped steeply over the last year, and the automakers say this means making the change will save consumers money long-term.

Currently, the panhandle has an abundant amount of natural gas, and we are told the price does not fluctuate as much as oil.

Local dealerships and natural gas companies say this will provide our area with many benefits.

"The consumers would benefit greatly," Pam Rushing, of Rushing Oil and Gas, said. "Our prices would be a lot less because natural gas prices are so much lower, it would help reduce our dependency on foreign oil, it's going to burn cleaner helping our environment."

A small amount of gasoline is needed to start the truck, but after ignition it runs entirely on natural gas. If your vehicle runs out of natural gas, then the engine can switch to gasoline.

You can expect to see these new models in our area by 2013.