City of Canyon will get new fire truck

Canyon, TX - The City of Canyon will soon be able to save on manpower and time whenever a fire strikes.

After 40 years of service, the Canyon Fire Department can finally retire its current aerial truck for a brand new ladder truck. The city's fire department says its current fire truck is long overdue for an upgrade. It sometimes struggles with parts going out but now has half a million dollars in FEMA grant money for a new truck.

Canyon Fire Inspector Vince Whitfill says the new ladder truck will help fight more common fires, like house fires. "By being able to get water up above and come down onto the fire," Whitfill said. "... instead of just being able to fight it at ground level around the fire."

The Canyon Fire Department hopes to get the new truck within the next year. City taxpayers will foot ten percent to help with the bill but the city does not expect it to raise other expenses, like homeowner's insurance.