Children trying self-infliction to cope with pain

Amarillo, TX - The self infliction method known as "cutting" is becoming more common in our area than we think and the victims are getting younger.

There are ways to prevent this from becoming an even bigger problem.

Cutting has been around for years but now health experts say there are cases where victims as young as elementary age are trying this method.

It's also more common among girls.

Most times, victims will cut themselves to release stress and to get the feeling of a "high."

They say the physical pain of the cut causes them to forget about the emotional pain they are dealing with.

Psychiatrists and psychotherapists in our area urge parents to be on the lookout for warning signs.

"being secretive about covering their bodies with clothing, any sort of abrasions that are on their skin that they could possibly very easily lie about or write off. also, withdrawal, emotional stress and pressure with relationships, academics."

Cuts are commonly done on the forearms, inner thighs and stomach.

Most of the patients experts have seen in our area have minor and superficial cuts but if the behavior is not addressed early, victims could accidentally cut too deep.