New FDA approved flu vaccine

Amarillo, TX - A newly approved flu mist claims to offer more protection against the flu than ever before.

This week, the FDA approved a new flu vaccine designed to protect against two strains of Influenza A and Influenza B. Local doctors say current vaccines only offer protection against three different strains. They say determining which strain will hit can be like predicting the weather. They say the more protection that is offered, the better off people will be.

Some parents we talked with are in favor of the vaccine.

"I'm okay with them," Amarillo mom, Brooke Eymbers, said. "The side effects I've read seem to be very minimal, so I'm okay with her being covered than actually getting the flu and be very sick."

Other parents we talked with were not in favor of the vaccine.

"I've, I've heard so much... I'm not actually for giving vaccinations," Amarillo dad, George Holcams said. "I'm into a lot of organics or just natural... I've heard so much, I just don't want to give in."

The new flu vaccine will be offered next year as a nasal mist.

"People don't like shots, " Texas Tech physician Dr. Todd Bell said. "We just don't like breaking the skin with things so the flu mist is helpful because it allows us to kind of just spray it in the nose without actually breaking the skin anywhere."

The cost of the vaccine is still up in the air.

"A lot of the pricing they do has to do with the testing they do..." Bell said. "I'm not sure how adding that fourth component is going to affect the price.

The spray will be available for the 2013-2014 flu season for ages two through fifty.