Concerns behind new teen internet trend

Amarillo, TX - Despite efforts to cut back on cyberbullying, many teens are actually becoming willing victims.

If you type in the words "Am I Ugly?" into YouTub, several videos pop up from teen boys and girls, looking for strangers to share their opinions.

Some of the online videos already have even more than four million views.

Along with clicks, these videos are bringing in a lot of public input and not all of it's positive.

Some area counselors say the negative and sometimes hateful comments will have an even more damaging effect on the person posting the video.

"If somebody has posted it and they really have low self esteem and they are really looking for some positive feedback, they are probably not going to get too much of it and it probably is just going to damage their self esteem instead of help it," said Dr. Gerald Rogers.

To make sure your child isn't putting themselves at risk for lasting damage, Rogers says to keep track of their internet activity and keep open lines of communication.