Fracking waste may be dumped in Valle de Oro

NewsChannel 10

Valle de Oro, Texas - You will pass through it when driving down Boys Ranch Road, but blink, and you might miss it.

However, there is something that could put this tiny community in remote Potter County on the map, and its' residents aren't too happy about it.

Valle de Oro resident Albert Green explains, "They're getting ready to put in a saltwater injection well, where they will be taking the saltwater from the oil sites and injecting it down into our substructure. It's right in the middle of this community."

A community that sits less than a mile from the Canadian River and is just upstream from Lake Meredith.

Green says, "my concern is this saltwater is going to end up contaminating our wells."

The residents of Valle de Oro say they were never even notified by the company planning to do this. In fact, they say they were lied to.

The former landowner says he sold the property to a man who claimed he was going to store four wheelers there, but now he is finding out it is actually a future well site.

A document he received in the mail explains what is really going on.

A company called Moxie Disposal Systems, based out of Canadian, wants to use the property to dispose oil and gas waste that is a result of fracking, and inject it deep into the ground.

But the people living near it, say that is not happening.

Green says, "The well has not been started yet, and our intention is to stop it before it ever gets started."

They have banded together and enlisted the help of community leaders, who are also concerned.

They are signing a petition and weighing their options.

Potter County Commissioner Joe Kirkwood explains, "I think the best course of action will be the deed restriction on the land here. It does not allow for any type of business enterprise, such as this injection well."

But the battle is just beginning.

Green says, "I just can't see what their reason is to put it here, when there is so much land, miles around us, that they could do this with."  

Unfortunately, he couldn't get that answer at tonight's meeting. Moxie Disposal Systems was a no-show.