Amarillo orthodontist linked to Medicaid fraud

Amarillo, TX - It is being called the biggest case of Medicaid fraud in U.S. history and an Amarillo orthodontist is being linked to it.

"Somebody owes us answers, and not just me, and if I'm making anybody mad, I apologize," Brenda Godbey said, her son is a Medicaid patient of Dr. Goodwin. "... but I think other parents out there feel the same way."

Amarillo orthodontist, Dr. Michael Goodwin, says he just saw a problem and wanted to help. After catching up with him today, he told NewsChannel 10, " I would love to tell you, from day one, what I saw and why I came here and why I felt I wouldn't even do anything but Medicaid. I've been offered patients that are paying more money, twice the money as private patients, but I have refused taking them because I was taking care of those who couldn't take care of themselves."

It's not the first time Dr. Goodwin has been under the federal government spotlight.

Reports show in 2008, authorities confiscated close to $250,000 from his bank accounts. Now, he is being accused of scheduling up to 400 medicaid patients a day, while billing the government for work he never did.

After asking him to comment, Dr. Goodwin said, " I can talk to you from the heart, as soon as this is over, guilty or not, I can tell you why I'm here," Goodwin said. "...what I've tried to do, why we're in this building, but I can't now."

While he is hesitant to speak, some of his patients are not holding back.

"He's under investigation... what does that mean?" Godbey said. "Does that mean he's going to be arrested? Does that mean that's all this is ... because it seems like every four or five months this deal comes back up."

After contacting the Medicaid office, some still are not getting answers.

"They could not even tell me anything," Godbey said. "They weren't even allowed to discuss the case."

Dr. Goodwin told us he doesn't feel guilty, he is just ready for an end to the investigation. He says there is no telling just when that could happen.