DWI memorial signs being limited

Amarillo, TX - Families across Texas place DWI memorial signs along highways and roads to promote awareness, now some think that awareness is being cut short.

In 2007 the state legislature passed the Memorial Sign Program, offering families who lost a loved one in an impaired driving accident, to post signs at the site.

Families pay TxDOT for the memorials which list the victims name.

Now signs are required to come down after two years.

TxDOT says this time limit was imposed to help reduce distractions along highways.

Removal letters are being sent to families letting them know the exact date when signs must be taken down.

"We empathize with the fact that these families have lost a loved one. It's tragic when anyone dies especially during an impaired driving crash. We appreciate these families and these groups helping us get the word out about DWI but we are a state agency and we have to follow state law," says Paul Braun, TxDOT.

TxDOT says once the two year limit has been reached, families will not be able to pay to have them put back up at a later time but they say they do offer other programs for honoring victims or for promoting awareness.