Randall County takes stance against Obamacare

AMARILLO, Texas---One county here in the Panhandle is asking for Governor Rick Perry to call a special session to reject Obamacare.

It took Randall County commissioners less than three minutes this morning to approve a proposal geared towards Austin, asking for Governor Perry to turn down a series of President Obama's health care policies.

Part of President Obama's health care law calling for free contraception has people in an uproar.

His policy will allow female employees of religious institutions to obtain free birth control.

"There's no way that we can say we're for women's health care," said St. Lawrence Catholic Church Parishioner Stephanie Frausto.

It's no doubt a controversial issue.

The state of Texas has even gone as far as suing the federal government.

The first lawsuit revolves around new policies when it comes to distributing birth control.

The second lawsuit regards the policy requiring everyone not just here in Texas, but across the nation to have health care coverage.

"There's too many things the federal government says we need," Randall County Commissioner Mark Benton said. "They need to just leave us alone."

In an effort to keep new federal health care guidelines out of the lone star state, Randall County commissioners are now preparing a proposal to send to Governor Perry asking for his assistance.

"It's our feeling that Obamacare is unconstitutional," he said.

President Obama argues his plan would make health care coverage more affordable to everyone and would bolster women's rights concerning abortion.

Benton says the health care system, at least in Randall County, doesn't need new regulations.

"We've had health care in the United States for 230 years," he said. "We have hospitals in Amarillo and Canyon and we don't need this."

Randall County says this is just the beginning of preserving Texas' current health care system.

No word yet on if any other counties have joined in on this proposal.

Commissioners say the next step is to encourage other counties across Texas to join in on the efforts to turn down Obamacare.