Panhandle push for colon cancer awareness

Amarillo, TX - Around 150,000 Americans were diagnosed with colon cancer last year. This year in the Texas panhandle, around 1,500 patients are expected to be diagnosed with it.

The Amarillo Endoscopy center wants to lower that number by raising more awareness about colonoscopies. Doctors say it is important for both men and women to get checked once they turn 50 and the risk rises.

"The test is not one of the easiest tests," Dr. Trehan with the Amarillo Endoscopy Center said. "People have this hesitation. We tell them, hey, it's safe, it's painless, it's much more improved then what it was several years back. So yeah, hopefully this will help."

Through colonoscopies, doctors can detect polyps, which can be precancerous. They can also spot colon cancer and stop it from spreading. If detected in its early stages, there is normally a 90-percent survival rate.

You can help raise colon cancer awareness by participating in the Amarillo Endoscopy Center's first Colon Cancer Awareness run this weekend. For every 100 participants, a person in need will receive a free colonoscopy. For more details, you can click on the link provided.