Proposal may allow hunters to use suppressors while hunting

Amarillo, TX - Gun silencers may soon be allowed while hunting in Texas.

Hunters in Texas may soon be able to use silencers, also known as suppressors, when hunting alligators, game animals and game birds.

That is if a proposal from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission is passed.

The commission is considering changing their current hunting regulations to allow the attachment.

They say hunters wanting to use them will still have to follow all federal, state and local laws when it comes to the use of a gun and silencer.

Mike Dunlap, a local gun armorer says the proposed regulation change will not make it any easier to purchase a suppressor.

"You would still have to pay a 200 dollar tax fee, you would still have to be you know be fingerprinted, go through paperwork. It took me almost seven months to get my suppressors," Mike Dunlap said.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission says they will make final rules on the proposal at the end of March.

If you want to voice your opinion on the proposed change you can contact the commission by visiting