Family of local fallen soldier to attend Arizona memorial

Amarillo, TX - Family members of the local Marine who died in a helicopter crash Wednesday are being honored Sunday. They were sent-off to attend Captain Anderson's memorial services in Arizona.

Both of Captain Anderson's brothers, Roland and Andrew, were at Rick Husband International Airport to head out to Arizona and be able to bid farewell in their brother's honor.

America Supports You Texas bought the flight tickets for the brothers and had a flag line today to honor the family.

Captain Anderson was a graduate of Amarillo High School and attended Texas A&M University. He served as a pilot in the Marine Corp and flew Huey Helicopters. His brother, Roland, heard that after the accident, his brother was promoted to Major.

We're told the helicopter crash was a mid-air collision but at this point, everything else is under investigation

The brothers are headed to Phoenix, but they will then head to Yuma, Arizona to the base they have there.

They will be having a memorial service on Wednesday at 2 p.m., which is the time Captain Anderson and his wife got married. His wife and two children live on base and will also be in attendance.

What is being discussed is to hold the funeral in Elwood, Texas, where Captain Anderson's wife is from. Right now, the date and time has not been set.