Co-pay coupons help consumers with prescription costs

AMARILLO, Texas---People can spend hundreds of dollars every month on prescription drugs.

However, there is a way to cut those costs substantially.

Co-pay coupon cards and can be more valuable than the cash in your wallet.

They can save consumers on average $5 to $20 on name brand prescriptions.

"They've just exploded in the last two years as companies have tried to push their drug to the front of the line," Dr. Brian Eades said.

Co-pay cards are closing the financial gap between generic and name brand drugs.

"Drug representatives will come by here and tell us that their drug is not first choice in the eyes of insurance carriers and hand us a coupon that we can hand to our patients which will make their drug the same costs as the more preferred drug when they go to present their prescription to the pharmacist," he said.

Often times patients are faced with co-pay costs that can be hard to swallow.

"People are stretched in every direction and this is just one more way that drug companies can help make all medications available to the consumer."

The free cards come courtesy of pharmaceutical companies who find themselves cornered with cost conscious consumers who have turned to their generic counterparts.

"These coupons are something that are available at your doctor's office, pharmacy or online."

We're told a handful of doctors have these cards available to patients.

All you have to do is ask for them.

Another perk is these cards can be used along with your insurance carrier discount.