Students see career opportunities in health industry

Amarillo, TX - High school students are getting an inside look into Amarillo's growing health care industry. From nursing to pharmacy, dietetics and personal training... students have plenty of career opportunities.

Today, the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center hosted a career fair for high school students, giving them a glimpse into today's growing medical field. The center, alone, employs around 900 people and pumps about 130 million dollars into our area every year.

The field is not only promising for our economy but also for job stability. As the baby boomer generation gets older, the demand for health care is expected to increase.

"They're going to need more and more health care. That means more nurses, more technicians, more support staff." Harrington Regional Medical Center president Mike Callahan said. "So, I think it's a very wise investment to get into the health care field. There's always going to be a big need. Health care is a top priority."

Callahan says the health industry is a great field to look into. Right now, other medical centers like Harrington, BSA and Texas Oncology have employed thousands of workers and are also pumping millions of dollars into our economy.