DNA testing may clear some men of having to pay child support

Amarillo, TX - Some men's child support payments may be eliminated after DNA tests are performed.

Men who believe they are not the father of a child have until September to file a complaint to request a court-ordered DNA test.

The law was passed in May by Governor Rick Perry and is aimed at getting men out of having to pay child support if they were deceived in thinking a child is theirs.

"They later have reason to believe they are really not the father, then this law allows them to go into court and ask for paternity testing to determine whether or not they are the child's father and if not they can have their parental rights terminated and cut off any further child support obligations," said Stewart Werner, a family law attorney in Amarillo.

Werner says in most cases even after a man is cleared of paying any future child support the man will not get the money back he already paid.

Unless, he tries to take the mom to civil court.