Cell phone "spectrum crunch"

Amarillo, TX - Cell phone providers are running short on bandwidth for their customers.

They are calling the issue a "spectrum crunch." With the allotted bandwidth they have, providers are finding it harder to accommodate the growing number of smart phone users. All the apps, email and Internet the users tap into is taking up space. It could eventually mean more dropped calls and other problems with our cell phone service.

"If you're streaming videos on a mobile network as opposed to a wi-fi network... that is the problem we're seeing is that so many more people are using so much of this data and there's a finite source to it." Catmandu technician Andrew Brandt said.

Brandt says smart phones today can use more than 200 times the bandwidth of a normal cell phone. To fix the problem, providers are searching for more spectrum space, which could eventually translate into higher phone bills for customers.