Dry farmland problems

Amarillo, TX - High winds have dirt raining down on the panhandle region and it is causing some problems for local businesses.

The businesses say the drought conditions are the worst they have seen in years and with the 60 mile-per-hour winds, they felt like they were back in the dirty thirties.

"It was almost like a mini-tornado because you couldn't even see outside of the glass," Jason Macias with Panhandle Tire and Rubber Company said. "... almost like the Wizard of Oz because all you seen was like a glimpse of things and no further than the glass that was all you could see."

Local businesses in the Texas panhandle are used to the West Texas wind but, lately, they say it is starting to change things.

"In my opinion, if you can't see a business, who's going to come to it." Macias said. "I mean, the people we have is one thing, but I'm talking about the people we have, the guys, the trucks, because our business is trucks, because yesterday I guarantee you couldn't see us out here. "

The businesses are on the outskirts of Amarillo, across from drought-stricken farmland. They say the dry conditions are stirring up too much dirt and wind and is becoming overwhelming.

"It's not about pointing fault at somebody." Phillip Seidenberger with Sage Oil Vac said. "It's about finding a solution that works for everybody, that's cost-effective... but effective in the end.

One business knows, first hand, the hardships. The business owners come from a family of farmers.

"Obviously, you have to work the dirt to put seed into the ground to grow a crop and nobody can predict the future," Seidenberger said. "We just need to find a solution to keep the dirt from blowing. All these businesses are doing is trying to find a solution to the problem."