Tascosa appeal to UIL denied

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The fate of one area high school's sports schedule has been decided, and it's not what most were hoping for.
Tascosa High School is now the only 5A school in the area, after this year's UIL realignment. Despite widespread concern and an appeal by the Amarillo Independent School District, it doesn't look like that will be changing.

It was a disappointing day for many Tascosa High School athletes and their parents, after AISD lost its' realignment battle in Austin.

THS parent, Amy Juba says, "It's a shame Tascosa student athletes are being asked to bear the brunt of an outdated and archaic ranking system the UIL uses, that doesn't consider the wide open spaces of west Texas."

The UIL committee unanimously denied their request to drop Tascosa sports down to the 4A classification.

That decision has parents feeling like their kids are left with a choice between academics and athletics.

Future THS parent Sunny Ratliff explains, "My concerns are my son will miss classes, that he will have to make choices between sports, and that he'll have to make choices to eliminate some of the other extracurricular activities he does."

Ratliff adds, "We're asking our Rebel football players, boys and girls basketball teams, volleyball, and baseball teams to get on a bus and drive 4,000 miles round trip for each sports season in the middle of the night, and frankly that's scary."

AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder says he will now turn his focus toward making the best of the situation.

To one parent, that means exploring other options.

Juba says, "I'm hoping for the basketball and baseball schedules, that they will do the football schedule and that anything possible will be done to reduce the number of miles and the amount of time my son has to spend on the bus and the number of classes he has to miss."

But these parents say the fight isn't over yet, a special meeting is being held this week with the UIL and anyone is invited to attend.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, February 22nd at 4 PM in the board room of the Amarillo ISD Education Support Center. The address is 7200 I-40 West. UIL representatives and the Amarillo ISD Board of Trustees will be in attendance.