Benefit show for breast cancer awareness

Amarillo, TX - Sunday people in our area came together to help fight breast cancer.

Well it's not your typical breast cancer awareness benefit.

Most of the time it's a walk or run, but today it was wrestling.

Women wrestlers from several states came to show their support.

"Breast cancer is definitely a big factor in a lot of deaths in women. I know a lot of wrestlers here have personally been affected by breast cancer, whether it be a family member or a friend. I think it's one of those big diseases that there definitely needs to be more awareness," says Paloma Vargas, "Starr", NWA Top of Texas Champion.

It's the first all women's benefit show in Amarillo, designed to spread awareness for breast cancer in our area.

"It affects everybody and not only females but also males as well. One of the wrestlers here actually got diagnosed with breast cancer," says Paloma Vargas, "Starr", NWA Top of Texas Champion.

That is why the NWA Top of Texas is donating one-hundred percent of the proceeds from all ticket sales to the Amarillo Breast Cancer Coalition.

The local charity is excited to have the support of the community.

"Definitely puts the word out there in a different type of light. Maybe a lot of people don't know about breast cancer but our wrestling fans are coming in and now when they leave the show today they are going to be more educated about breast cancer and breast cancer awareness. So they are very excited to bring almost another demographic into the knowledge of it," says Paloma Vargas, "Starr", NWA Top of Texas Champion.

It's not just women wrestlers from our area, it's women from across the U.S. who came together to spread breast cancer awareness.

"I've had a lot of family that has been affected by not only breast cancer but ovarian cancer so it's just a great cause and it affects a whole lot of people. It's so hard for the families going through it and the people going through it. You know the least that we can do is to show support and try to help them and let them know we're here," says "Jessie Belle Smothers," Tampa, Fl.

They do plan to hold more benefit shows in the future.

"Hopefully this event will be next year or even sooner and will be bigger, better for us to provide more profits for the local charity," says Paloma Vargas, "Starr", NWA Top of Texas Champion.