Controversial presidential campaign ad hits the air

AMARILLO, Texas---An Oklahoma democrat is stirring up controversy right here in the Panhandle tonight after a series of presidential attack ads hit the air.

Many find the ads offensive but as NewsChannel 10 discovered, there's little the Federal Communications Commission can do.

There are strict regulations when it comes to commercials and local advertisements, but it's a completely different ball game when dealing with political campaign ads.

The name Randall Terry may not ring a bell to many people when talking about presidential candidates until now.

The former Oklahoma republican turned democrat rolled out three attack ads going after President Obama's stance on abortion.

Comments and phone calls to the NewsChannel 10 studios have poured in wanting to know why the ad is running.

Federal law requires all broadcast TV stations to accept and air--without editing--the paid advertising of all legally qualified candidates for president.

Federal law also requires TV stations to air campaign ads whenever the candidate for federal office requests them to run, that means any time of day.

The ads began airing Feb. 16 and will continue to run through Monday.

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