New Texas math standards

Amarillo, TX - The Texas board of education is trying to help more students make the grade. It wants to give its math curriculum a makeover.

The state board of education is striving to have the best math standards in the nation. It is seeking public input in place to make that happen.

Angela Powell teaches math at Bushland High School and sees the struggle on a day-to-day bases.

"A lot of kids struggle and I think that's consistent from K through 12 and their math backgrounds and how everyone is teaching their standards," Powell said. "At Bushland, we're a 2A school, we only have four teachers... and with four teachers, a lot of us teach more than one prep, so every time I look at a student I have to remember, you know, what level are you, what are you testing on and what level and rigor do I need to teach you in order to make sure I'm meeting your needs."

Parents like Susan, who once home-schooled her kids, understand the challenge.

"That's a big challenge with math because it is so structured, so concrete... it's right or wrong. It's not anywhere in the middle, " Powell said.

The Texas Education Agency is seeking public input on revamping its math program. Some parents do not think it is always the way to go.

"As we can see from our TAKS and our STARR and all of this, sometimes they try to make a mold that fits everyone and I really think that from having taught kids," Powell said. "It doesn't work."

Powell says she feels the same way about textbooks.

" They all bring home worksheets, which tells me the textbooks have way more than necessary," Powell said. "The teachers are able to simplify the information into a worksheet, so you wonder where our textbooks have taken off."

The Texas Education Agency hopes to form a new standard by late April.