Texas Supreme Court denies Leach

By BETSY BLANEY  Associated Press

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) - The Texas Supreme Court has denied Mike Leach's appeal in his wrongful termination lawsuit against Texas Tech.

The ruling from the state's highest civil court in Austin came Friday, more than two years after the university fired Leach amid claims that the coach mistreated player Adam James when the son of U.S. Senate candidate Craig James had a concussion.

Leach, who denies the allegations, has said an $800,000 bonus due the day after his firing was behind his dismissal.

Attorneys for Leach, now coaching at Washington State, wanted to argue against an appellate ruling that threw out Leach's breach of contract claim.

The appellate ruling allowed Leach to try to show Tech's reasons for firing him were wrong, but without monetary relief. Tech wanted the entire lawsuit tossed.