Park with a troubled past will soon be safer

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It's out with the old and in with the new at this Amarillo park.

James Allen Community Development Administrator says, "The neighborhood is in the process of a makeover. I think you have a community that wants to make Hamlet a better place for the present and the future."

And it starts with the neighborhood kids.

Hamlet residents are hoping they can make the area better, by giving the children a better place to play.

Mayor Paul Harpole says, "To revive declining neighborhoods is critical, and then to add all these features to this park, which makes it much more a neighborhood park, is wonderful."

This brand new playground is expected to be finished in just days.

But there's another effort underway, one that hopes to make the park with a troubled past, more secure.

City commissioners approved an almost $82, 000 grant Tuesday, to install a lighting system and security cameras.

Allen explains, "We felt like the original lighting system does not light the area well. This is going to make it very bright at night, very safe for kids, and of course criminals tend to not want to be seen so often."

All the new changes on the horizon seem to already be making a difference.

Allen says, "I've had residents say once this is up, they're going to monitor this, they're going to patrol the park, they're going to make sure these things are going to stay in good shape. It's the buy-in of the community that is the biggest key to this whole thing."

The new safety features are expected to be in place within the coming weeks.

There's another addition the park will soon see, a splash pad, which community leaders hope will be ready for summer.