Permit problems with Valentine's Day vendors

Amarillo, TX - Plenty of us are scrambling to get those last-minute Valentine's Day gifts but it is important to be wary of who to buy them from.

NewsChannel 10 checked with several street vendors along the Boulevard who were lacking all of their proper permits.

One local business tell us there are some places in Amarillo, where people go and they sell their products and they don't have the right licenses or permits.

They say, if that's the case, the vendors could not be paying sales taxes and taking away much needed profits from licensed local businesses.

Any street vendors selling flowers for Valentine's Day must have a nursery floral certificate and a transient business license.

Some local business owners say whether it's flowers or chocolates or stuffed animals, there

The Texas Department of Agriculture says if vendors selling flowers are not carrying a nursery floral certificate, they could face a $1,000 fine and a $2,500 fine if caught again.

To report any floral vendors without the proper permits, call 1-800-Tell-TDA ( 1-800-835-5832) or click on the link provided. Anyone can also report it to Amarillo's city code enforcement.